Wednesday, 26 February 2014

My Makeup Story

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

My Makeup Story Tag Emmasbeginning

I was recently reading Sparkly Ghosts and saw that she had done the My Makeup Story Tag. I loved reading her answers and I was inspired to do it too!

When did you first start getting into makeup?

I was in middle school so probably around age 12/13. Looking back I feel like that is very young but at the time I obviously didn’t haha. I did not wear a lot of makeup though, just a little bit of mascara, concealer and light powder. I guess my everyday look hasnt changed too much :). Even though I was not wearing a lot of makeup I consider this the time that I first started getting into makeup  because it was I started watching tutorials on youtube and reading blogs :)

What was the first makeup item you bought?

The first makeup item I ever bought was a Lip Smackers lip balm. I was obsessed with these when I was around 9 -12. Do you remember them? They were definitely all the rage where I was at that age haha :)

What is the newest & the oldest item in your collection?
I honestly don’t even want to know what the oldest thing in my collection is. It is likely and old almost empty mascara or lip product that I never use anymore and should have tossed ages ago! The newest items in my collection are the Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters that I have just reviewed here.

Who is your celebrity make up idol?
I fear by admitting to this I may be putting myself at risk of people thinking I enjoy watching preteen Disney shows. While there was certainly a point at which I did I can safely say that it has passed (unless it is a re-run of Lizzie McGuire, That’s so Raven, Recess, Kim Possible….ok back to the question now!). My celebrity makeup idol would have to be Selena Gomez. I have never seen her thought “hmmm I am not a huge fan of that look.” I especially love her more done up looks in her music videos and casual/natural looks for everyday. Also Blake Lively :)

Who is your favourite YouTube guru?
Well this is a toughy for me as there are many. I will have to go with the obvious Michelle Phan in terms of best makeup. Overall it is likely Tanya Burr.

What's your favourite makeup brand?
This is also very difficult for me...haha… I am not very good at picking favourites. I use such a wide range of brands and different brands for different things. I can however say that my favourite brand for mascaras is CoverGirl :)

What is a makeup tip/trick that you wish you had known about sooner?
Using natural light when applying makeup! I would do my makeup in a poorly lit bathroom then wonder why it looked blotchy and poorly blended haha.

Which 5 products could you not live without?
Hmm...another toughy. I would definitely be blue if I was no longer allowed to use tinted moisturizer, concealer, eyeliner, mascara and an eyelash curler.
As did Sparkly Ghost, I tag all who have made it through to the end and would like to do this tag :)

Well that’s all for today!
What are your thoughts? Leave a comment letting me know! :)

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