Thursday, 20 February 2014

Blogger Challenge

Thursday, 20 February 2014

I have some exciting news! I have come up with a blogger challenge!

The challenge is:

For the first week of every month you put up a new blog post everyday!
For example, next month starts on a Saturday. This means that you would put up new blog post from Saturday March 1 until Friday March 7.
The content of the blog posts can be absolutely anything you like. You can post more of your usual content, or take this as an opportunity to try something new :)! The challenge is open to everyone and every type of blog. The main objective is, of course, to have fun!

Also every month the challenge will have a fun name. Example: March Madness, Awesome April, Marvelous May, etc. (obviously still a work in progress haha)

I have also begun a poll. During the first week of every month I’ll be requesting suggestions on what to name the next blogger challenge. At the end of that month's challenge week I will create a new pole where you can vote for you favourites names for the next month :) ! (As this is the first time we are doing this I have created all the suggestions in the pole for the March Challenge. However, I am accepting suggestions for what April’s monthly blogger challenge should be named.)

What do you think the challenge week in April should be called? Comment and let me know!
Also please don't forget to vote! (the poll is up on the left side :) )

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