Monday, 23 June 2014

Summer Haul: Anthropologie and Department Store

Monday, 23 June 2014

Recently I went on a little trip with my Mom and of course we ended up doing a little shopping. The majority of the clothes in this haul are from a department store. The store was having one of those “up to 50% off” sales, so naturally I had to buy a little more than usual ;) We also made a little trip over to Anthropologie and I picked up one item which unfortunately was not on sale. However the weather was colder than expected and the sweater went perfectly with what I was wearing so it was well worth it :)

white shirt, Bought: department store, Brand: Jager   

navy shirt, Bought: department store, Brand: Jager
bag, Bought: department store, Brand: Marc by Marc Jacobs

light blue shirt, Bought: department store, Brand: Vince
sweater, Bought: Anthropologie, Brand: Moth

I hope everyone has a lovely week.

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