Wednesday, 22 October 2014

DIY Garland / Adding A Pop Of Colour

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

I’ve recently moved into a new place that I love and I am so excited! I’ve really been enjoying looking around for furniture and picking out cute pieces to make the place look nice and homey.

I’ve also been scouring the web for some design ideas, (of course!) and I keep coming across the same tip which goes something along the lines of either “don’t buy all your furniture in the same place or else your home will look like a showroom” or “if you want your home to look lived in you should collect pieces over time.”

Striving to make this place feel like home I’ve definitely been doing my best to follow these suggestions. However, slowly collecting everything has left me with these big bare white walls that are starving for some colour.

Until now!

Enough was enough and I decided to make this DIY garland. I learned how to make this way back when I was in elementary school so it’s obviously supper simple and easy to make. You can also pick any colours you like so it can work in any space. The best part is you probably already have all this stuff lying around your house (honestly!).

With out further ado, on to the DIY instructions!


-construction paper
-tape, glue or a stapler

Step 1:
Cut the construction paper into long strips.

Step 2:
Place a piece of tape on one end of a strip, then bend the stripe to form a loop and attach the two ends with the tape.

Step 3:
Slide a second strip through the center of the loop you created in Step 2. Then, follow Step 2 to make the second strip into a loop.

Step 4:
Repeat Step 3 until your garland reaches your desired length.

Step 5:
Hang your garland up and enjoy your new decoration!


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