Saturday, 23 May 2015

Gap Haul

Saturday, 23 May 2015

 Today I have a little Gap Haul

Gap Haul EmmasBeginning

One of the reasons I love shopping at Gap is that they always seem to be having a sale.... and today was no exception! 

I was originally just going to have a little browse but once I heard that all regular priced items were 40% off I thought it was the perfect opportunity to buy a new summer outfit! (What can I say? I'm very opportunistic ;) )

The first thing I spotted was the hat since I was already planning on buying one. Then I saw the jeans and the blouse and I thought why not? It all fit and looked nice and I walked out of the store with a complete outfit for 40% off in less than 30 minutes!

Gap Haul Hat EmmasBeginning

Gap Haul Blouse EmmasBeginning
That's a second reason I love shopping at Gap...It can be a one stop shop for a complete outfit! I say, "can be," because I haven't always been so fortunate but more often than not I am!

I think Gap is often a place people forget if they're not looking to buy some basic pieces, but I would definitely recommend checking it out if you have the time. Especially while this sale is on!

What's your favourite place to shop? 


Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Perfect Summer Dress

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

I've found my perfect summer dress

I would love to say that I found this dress after scouring countless stores in relentless pursuit of the perfect summer dress. In all honesty, however, finding this dress was much more of a right place, right time, right price, right dress situation.

This gorgeous dress is by Diane von Furstenberg. However, I did not find it in a fancy-shmancy department store (of course not!). No, I was at Marshall's, of all places, buying socks with my brother (oh, the glamour!). 

I had been eyeing the dress since we walked in the store. The dress was on display by itself in the shoe section (a very odd place for it to be in Marshall's) and every time I walked by I could not help but stare at it. When my brother and I were finally in line to pay for his socks I started to think that I could not leave without at least trying it on. I walked over to the dress snatched it right off its display hanger and walked straight to the fitting rooms to try it on (ha ha, I was a total woman on a mission!). 

I tried it on and, to my absolute joy and excitement, it fit perfectly. 

What happened next was fairly typical. I bought the dress (of course). Brought it home, tried it on and did some obligatory twirls.

I'm sure I'll be wearing this dress all summer long!

The Perfect Summer Dress EmmasBeginning

This is my perfect summer dress, what's yours?


Sunday, 22 March 2015

A Quick OOTD

Sunday, 22 March 2015

This OOTD (Outfit Of The Day, if you were wondering :) ) was actually quickly snapped a few days ago. I was getting ready to take my dog out for a walk and realized I hadn’t done an OOTD in a while (in fact I’ve only done one other! here’s alink if you’re interested) and decided to take some pictures of my outfit to share with you.

I wasn’t actually planning to do an OOTD today, but I’m currently away and the photos for the post I originally planned are still on my camera’s memory card back home. Argh, the frustration! I guess it’s just something to look forward to, right?

Unfortunately the photo quality isn’t the best, (as I said these photos were taken quickly with my phone) but I think you can still get the general idea and I like to see what other people are wearing so I decided to share them regardless. :) 

Anyway, for the walk I wore: a pink sweater with a maroon scarf and a pair of dark blue skinny jeans.

EmmasBeginning OOTD outfit of the day

EmmasBeginning OOTD outfit of the day
(the awkward close up haha!)

EmmasBeginning OOTD outfit of the dayEmmasBeginning OOTD outfit of the day
EmmasBeginning OOTD outfit of the day
(....and me casually looking away haha) 


Sunday, 15 March 2015

Beauty Haul

Sunday, 15 March 2015
EmmasBeginning Beauty Haul
(top nail polish Ladylike; bottom polish Lilcaism)

I was only going to the store for another bottle of Soap & Glory’s Calm One Calm All Bubbling Bath Soak (which I’ve previously raved about here) but, me being me, I needed to peruse the beauty aisles and ended up with a couple of extra goodies!

As I walked past the nail polishes and magazines I decided to treat myself to a bit of a spa night (I was there to buy bubble bath after all!).

Of course I can never pick just one nail polish (they’ve SO many to choose from), this time I was torn between two gorgeous Essie nail polishes, Lilacism and Ladylike. Since they were on sale, and I’m not the best at making up my mind, I did the only practical thing to do; I bought both (okay maybe that wasn’t the only practically thing to do).

Then I added the latest issue of Marie Claire with Margot Robbie on the cover to my basket. I think she is absolutely stunning!

I left the store feeling fairly satisfied and ready to enjoy my little spa night. :)

It’s funny how you can enter a drugstore intending to buy one item and end up leaving with a basket full of things; at least that’s how it usually goes for me! Whoever designed the layout of those stores really new what they were doing!

Do you ever go to a store to buy something specific and end up leaving with more than you intended? If you do, what are the little tidbits that you tend to add to your basket? I’m curious!


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Top 3 Lipsticks For Spring

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

EmmasBeginning Top 3 Lipsticks For Spring
(left to right: Nude Rose, Chérie Bow, Pink In The Afternoon) 

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the daffodils are in full bloom! Ok maybe not quite, but the weather is warming up and the snow is melting and I’m definitely ready for it to be spring!

I have always loved wearing pretty pink lipsticks in spring, and this year is no exception (I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to it!).  With the weather finally improving I decided to rummage through my makeup and pick out some of my favourite pink lipsticks for spring!

Clarins Rouge Eclat Lipstick in 01 Nude Rose 
I would describe the colour of this lipstick as dusty rose. The lipstick its self feels very creamy and moisturizing. It just glides on perfectly.

Dior Addict Extreme in 356 Chérie Bow
For me this lipstick is one of those, “my lips but better,” colours and in this case, a bit pinker (of course)! This lipstick also feels super moisturizing and creamy. It has a bit of a shinny finish as well, which really gives it a fresh look.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Crème in 415 Pink In The Afternoon
I have mentioned this lipstick before, here. This is definitely the pinkest lipstick of the three. I also get the most use out of it. Partially because of the lower price point (and therefore the less guilt in quickly using it up!) and partially because it’s such a bright, happy colour.  I love pairing it with simple eyeliner and mascara for a fresh spring look :) .

What’s your favourite lipstick colour to wear in the spring? I would love to know and hear of any suggestions you might have!

EmmasBeginning Top 3 Lipsticks For Spring

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