Tuesday, 17 February 2015

1 Year and 25 Random Facts About Me

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Has it really been a year!? I can’t believe it!

I even decided to wear a birthday crown to celebrate haha :) 

So, in honour of one year, I'm going to have a little fun and share a little more about myself by doing the 25 Random Facts About Me tag :)

1. I have something in common with Lizzie McGuire

2. I’m a total outfit repeater

3. I'm terrible with names and faces

4. I always do the Sudoku puzzles in the newspaper

5. I love potatoes cooked any way except scalloped potatoes, not sure why

6. My favourite season is always the current season

7. One of my favourite things about winter is when the snow clings to the trees

8. If I find a type of food I like I will eat it constantly until I never want to see it again

11. If I wear white clothing I WILL spill! (you’ve been warned)

12. My first crush was on Jessie McCartney haha!

13. I love running

14. I also like swimming, hiking, snowshoeing and skiing

15. By hiking I mean walking on a slightly beaten path up a hill….I am no mountaineer!

16. I have over 80 Taylor Swift songs on my iTunes (I honestly can’t believe this)

17. I can sing along to all most all of the over 80 songs (the really embarrassing part is I will start singing along with out even realizing it!)

18. One of my all time favourite TV shows is Gilmore Girls (especially the first few seasons)

19. Not sure why but I liked the Rory and Jess’s relationship the best haha

20. I also think 8 Simple Rules (…for dating my teenage daughter) is one of the funniest TV shows ever created.

21. My mom is one of my best friends

22. I am a total introvert

23.prefer to write in pencil not pen

24.  I think my dog is the cutest sweetest dog in the world (obviously)

25. He is also a little rascal :)

(Yes I'm aware that this tiara is for toddlers..but hey I'm young at heart)

I can’t wait for another year!


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