Monday, 9 February 2015

Cinnamon Heart Chocolate Bark

Monday, 9 February 2015

EmmasBeginning Cinnamon Hearts Chocolate Bark

With Valentines Day less than a week away I thought it would be fun to share a festive treat with you.

It seems like every year Valentines Day becomes a bigger and bigger event with more and more stores turning shades of pink and red trying to get you to buy the perfect gift for that special someone.

But why does Valentines Day have to only be about the romantic kind of love? 

It doesn’t!

For me Valentines Day is a fun excuse to share yummy homemade treats decorated with hearts and/or red/pink icing (and/or any other festive decoration you can think of) with all the people that I love (in the non-romantic sense of the word love). :)

Honestly, what's better than a homemade dessert?
And especially dessert as easy to make as this bark?

Valentines Day Cinnamon Heart Bark

What You’ll Need
- Parchment paper
- Microwaveable bowl OR a double boiler
- Pan/baking sheet or any container with a flat bottom

- Chocolate
- Cinnamon heart candies

1. Cover baking sheet with parchment paper
2. Melt chocolate by either:
    a) Putting it in a microwaveable bowl and microwaving it until it’s melted 
        (taking the bowl out of the microwave to stir the chocolate occasionally)
    b) Using a double boiler stirring the chocolate as it melts
3. Poor melted chocolate onto parchment paper covered baking sheet
4. Immediately sprinkle the cinnamon hearts on top of the chocolate
5. Place the sheet in the fridge and let the chocolate cool until it is firm

That’s it!

If you have ever made chocolate bark before then you know how quick and easy it can be. If you haven’t it's really fun and you can use whatever type of chocolate and toppings you like so let your creativity and imagination run wild!

If you have any melted chocolate left over I would suggest that you dip some strawberries in it (or any other type of food you would like to cover in chocolate)!

EmmasBeginning Cinnamon Hearts Chocolate

Before I finish I just wanted to mention one more thing…

A Slutty Brownie Sundae recipe was posted on one of my favourite blogs, The Londoner, the other day.

Let’s just say if anyone is in the mood for a truly decadent dessert and I highly recommend you check it out (link here)!

I hope you have an amazing Valentines Day :)

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