Thursday, 19 February 2015

My Most Worn...Sweaters!

Thursday, 19 February 2015

grey and beige sweaters

It‘s still well below freezing where I live and this sweater weather doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

So I’ve decided to embrace it by sharing my most worn sweaters!
(Because fashion is always a good distraction :) )

These sweaters have a clean minimalistic look, making them seem slightly more on the dressy side of casual. Also, they both look great with jeans and boots. Letting you look more put together even if you did just throw them on in the morning!

The first sweater, by Joan Vass, was purchased earlier this year. The first thing I love about this sweater is that it has a tiny rolled collar so that it’s almost like a mini turtleneck (who doesn’t love being stylish and warm :) ?). The second thing is the shape. It's basically four panels: the front and back panels are the shape of an elongated hexagon and the side panels are more triangular shaped. I think this gives the sweater a cool geometric look.

The second sweater, by Theory, was purchased quite a few years ago. The alternating sizes of stripes and the button detailing down the side really sets it apart from other more generic stripped sweaters. One of my favourite things about this sweater is that I am able to wear fall, winter and spring. Making it not only one of my current most worn sweaters…but one of my most worn sweaters of all time!

I can’t wait for spring but for now I’m doing my best to make the most out of the last bit of winter :)

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