Sunday, 22 March 2015

A Quick OOTD

Sunday, 22 March 2015

This OOTD (Outfit Of The Day, if you were wondering :) ) was actually quickly snapped a few days ago. I was getting ready to take my dog out for a walk and realized I hadn’t done an OOTD in a while (in fact I’ve only done one other! here’s alink if you’re interested) and decided to take some pictures of my outfit to share with you.

I wasn’t actually planning to do an OOTD today, but I’m currently away and the photos for the post I originally planned are still on my camera’s memory card back home. Argh, the frustration! I guess it’s just something to look forward to, right?

Unfortunately the photo quality isn’t the best, (as I said these photos were taken quickly with my phone) but I think you can still get the general idea and I like to see what other people are wearing so I decided to share them regardless. :) 

Anyway, for the walk I wore: a pink sweater with a maroon scarf and a pair of dark blue skinny jeans.

EmmasBeginning OOTD outfit of the day

EmmasBeginning OOTD outfit of the day
(the awkward close up haha!)

EmmasBeginning OOTD outfit of the dayEmmasBeginning OOTD outfit of the day
EmmasBeginning OOTD outfit of the day
(....and me casually looking away haha) 


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